Choosing the Best Fire Rated Access Doors and Panels

Choosing the Best Fire Rated Access Doors and Panels

An access door or panel technically allows one to access fixtures, valves, ducts, switchboards, wire, safes, pipes and other important spots behind the walls, ceiling, or the floor. There are several types of fire rated access doors and panels in the market today. You need to have the required information about access doors and panels for you to make the right purchase. Babcock-Davis fire rated access panels, and panels are among the common brands that most homeowners have embraced. However, in this article, we shall discuss how to buy the best fire rated access doors and panels from your favorite store since there are other common brands. Keep reading so that you make the right decision when placing an order.


Material Used

If you want to install your new access door outside the roof, it is advisable to select a material that can withstand extreme weather conditions that are common in your place. Access doors and panels come in a variety of materials with each one of them having its appropriate set of application. For instance, a stainless steel access doors or panel is used to offer maximum security. They are normally installed for safes and other expensive equipment. Steel access doors are also able to withstand extreme temperatures since they do not rust easily. For Aluminum access doors, they are affordable and light. They contain inlaid drywall which is essential for resisting moisture and prevention of mold.



It is advisable to carry out your due diligence on the prices of a given brand from different stores before committing. Considering the cost of a given access door will help you to avoid overspending for an undeserving product. However, the price of an access door relies heavily on the material, brand, and quality. Define your goals and set a budget that you can manage. Try to bargain or buying items that are on offer.


The Size

Make sure you consider the size of the access door before making an order. This will help you to have the best fitting door being delivered. An access door should be sizable to allow access to all parts and spaces. For motors, safes, and other smaller installations, a hand access door is the most efficient. Its size should range from about 6″x6″ to 12″x12″. A human access door should range from about 18″x18″ to 36″x36″. However, these doors require hinges and locks that can be concealed partially.


Access doorThe Function

You should know the reason why you want to buy a given Fire rated Access Door and Panel brand. Always, ensure that you define your needs before you make an order. Most fires rated access doors can be integrated to your stucco and other drywall constructions. The common function of an access point is to protect a given space, and a so an access door must meet the standards of performing a certain function. Some have ventilating slats to allow air circulation and indoor temperatures regulation. Your access door’s function can depend on the hinges, lock, and spring.…